Kish Free Zone Organization



A comprehensive list ofRecreations the island can see the bottom of the page.

List Recreations

  • 6D Cinema

    6D Cinema

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  • Cable Ski

    Cable Ski

    The biggest cable ski in the world and the first cable ski in middle east With the length of 860 meters and 160 width meters is fixed with five towers which its speed is 28 to 68 km/h. Able to service 12 people Simultaneously. This complex include reservation office,cloakroom,start stage,training room,cable ski equipment shopping office, restaurant and coffee shop.

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  • Safari


    Recreational,amusement and sport complex in order to develop tourism.all ages specially for youth. The first desert safari complex in Iran which is designed and conducted by Iranian experts. Safari means cruise in Africa which during direction the amusement places will be visited.

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