Dariush hotel

Great dariush hotel

There is lots of modern hotels in all over the world but great dariush hotel unique feature is which represents a nation culture and civilization. As an the lonesome st historical and architectural symbol which reveal significance of ancient Iran also is a decisive reason of the name of Persian gulf. To construct this romance palace the investor (Mr.Hossein Sabet) must have five features :

1.Experiment:thirty years work in tourist and hotel industry specially in canary islands

2.Generosity: someone who works in west brutal economy and get the peaks of success if doesn't have generosity won't be able to spend his hoard in this project.

3.Physical health: 180 times travel to Europe during hotel construction needs physical health

4.Animosity: while Taliban was destroying Buddha statuses in Afghanistan, symbols and statuses of Academician were reincarnate of the hotel walls.

5.Patriot: investment without considering economic aspects just need a feeling of patriot

  • Address: Kish .main street
  • Phone: 764-4422141
  • Facilities: Conference hall,billiard room,lobby coffee shop, service room 24h,laundry,safe safe box,satellite TV. Island cruise,market cruise, café net,fitness accessories, buffet breakfast+transportation
  • Stars: *****
  • Room Numbers: 723
  • Bord numbers: 1897