Agriculture and Livestock in Kish

The current Livestock and agriculture in Kish is similar to the way of traditional agriculture and even with more limited activity. Remains of scatter crete and farms in Kish show the plantation and garden (though limited) in proportion to its small population that period. The existence of Canal and stream traces of long that have gone (For rain water flow) and the old filled wells due to deposit soil, all emphasize this idea. Although the current face of the island compared with the past is completely changed and natural aspects of island Has been changed because of construction of numerous services buildings, and other urban facilities and commercial collections including: Markets, tourist accommodation different modern construction such as production, industrial, commercial collections , and the extent of construction activities compared with its biological capacity is very large and out of capacity. However, there are still villages with a few cows and sheep and goats and camels. Although cattle provide meat and protein in Kish Island, since they all use the natural plants, so they are problematic and immediately we must find a solution. Food animals of the, especially goats in low rainfall and dry years, causing heavy damage to the island's natural cover and they also makes tight living and feeding of several deer released in the wild.
One of the very interesting measures of Kish Free Zone Organization, is the creation of Watering gazelles from shallow wells with wind pump. Wind pumps for the viewer remember the reconciliation of mankind with nature. However, the number of goats on the island is out of its natural power and some of them should be removed. There are also a large number of goats on the Hendorabi Island that they damage to its coverage.
Livelihood and livelihood of normal affairs and living of Native residents that they are honorable people and high culture and like all southerners in Iran have noble and subburned face in bright sunshine island, is Limited to agriculture, fishing, livestock and perhaps camel rearing (to attract tourists) and some of them spend life with business, trade and employment in the service.
However, deer and animals should not be free and if we need to their meat, we should hold them in enclosed areas with forage provided.