Flamingo Hotel

Kish flamingo hotel,a luxurious hotel which its figure is as same as a flamingo in 1376 with extent of 24 thousands meter and 100 rooms is constructed. This four stars hotels is located at west of darya blvd canopies with Persian gulf view. Flamingo hotel with the best access to shopping centers. Flamingo hotel will be the best choice for reservation.

Flamingo hotel services: refrigerator, TV,suit, Internet,parking,chapel,lobby,satellite TV,sport halls,coffee shops are a part of its hotel. Hotel residency is free for infants and children under age of 2. Airport transportation,breakfast buffet,lunch,tea,mineral water and wireless inside of room are free.

Flamingo hotel equipments:

1.Single board rooms

2.Double luxe rooms

3.Three boards rooms

4.Single board suite

5.Double luxe suite

Flamingo hotel information:

1.Foundation year:1376

2.Hotel area: 45000

3.Room numbers:200

4.Room staffs: 52

5.Room numbers:92

6.Board numbers:180

  • Address: Darya blvd
  • Phone: 44424130
  • Facilities: conference hall,café net,women barbershop,massager,lobby coffee shop,Room service,laundry,cargo,safe box,satellite TV,island cruise,market cruise