Geography and Topography

Kish Island with an area of 91 square kilometers, about 43 kilometers beach and the overall shape of the oval, at a distance of 18 km Levantine port ( Aftab port )- Iran joined land - is located in the Persian Gulf .
Kish is located in the first quarter of 1359 km along the coast in southern Iran at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and near the end part of the waterways around the Strait of Hormuz. Its north latitude is 26 ° 32 ' and its east longitude is 58 53. And in the West Bank - the east coast (the distance between the centers of coral – Hur field), it has 45/15 km long. The maximum width of the island on the southern coast to the northern coast (distance Gomrok harbor- lighthouse) is 7.5 km. The island had no special topographic features such as mountains and high hills. Kish International airport has built in the center and has about 40-35 meters high. The maximum slope of the island is from the north of the airport to the beach ( shayan hotel ).