Kish during Various Governments

Kish almost regained last boom, during the rule of the dynasties that period of coming Western businessmen, ambassadors and envoys of the European Court to Iran. But this time, the genesis era of the phenomenon of colonialism and expand the influence of colonial countries on the other countries. Trade, the importance of the marine location and being Kish at the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz as an important economic and strategy base, ( like other islands of the Hormuz Strait such as Hormuz island and Qeshm in particular) was permanent attention and temptations of the Europeans and the colonial invaders. And it was their competition field for domination and possession of it. Unfortunately, weak of central government, existence of non- compassionate, tyrant and money -minded rulers of these islands, European invaders that had the strong and coherent navy, all these help them to get to the aim of colonial occupation of Persian Gulf Islands Including Kish island.
Kish experienced a very difficult period during the occupation, domination and free from the shackles of aliens. In the era of Shah Abbas, Nadir Shah, Karim Khan Zand, Kish often gone out foreign domination. During the reign of Shah Abbas, Portuguese occupied faild with Imam Qoli Khan's courage and wisdom, the famous Iranian commander and they were out of some of the islands like Qeshm.