Kish during the previous regime (Pahlavi)

The tragic situation of Kish during the reign of Reza Shah was more or less the same as the Qajar period and for a long time, English exercise their sovereignty on the Persian Gulf waters and Iranian' thousands of years' islands on the pretext of security and by old imposed contract and in particular to protect the oil-rich lands of Iran. The presence of aliens and distress caused to the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf gradually emptied of its inhabitants. Business market and its business is almost closed. Some of its islands turned into a place of exile for political convicts, miscreants and offenders. Kish Island that during the Persian Atabak was the ruler of all islands and even was Atabak home state and persian's treasury was kept in it, with the last position of trade and business of resident merchants, it reached the situation that all of them moved and the misery of poverty and the destruction the island turned into a place with old trees and a few acres of arable land barren and a small population of women and children, the poor and disabled old man and old woman who can not migrate. In the 1320 to 1347, this unfortunate situation with more or less negligible changes remained on the island.
Beginning developments
1347 was the beginning of administrative changes and some executive movements at Kish Island with offers of US experts as turism free port. In 1349, exploit the geographical conditions and the nature of the island was considered, and the islands were chosen as a center of international tourist trade. In 1351, it became an island called Kish Development Organization and was registered with one billion of capital ( that 80% capital provided by the former SAVAK and 20% by Development Bank and the credit commitment of central bank). In 1352, construction and the construction of Kish Development Organization Masheh village in the northeast of the island started, at the same time, the international airport for landing the largest aircraft in the world Concord in the central part of it (the highest point of the island) began. In 1356, international tourist, commercial center of Kish was opened and almost construction of all structures that was relatively wide was ended.
In 1358, that is, one year after the revolution and the removal of the previous regime, Kish Development Organization was transferred to the Ministry of Culture as Touring and Tourism Organization. But five months later, the Revolutionary Council announced that it is the first free trade zone. In 1361, according to the decree of the Cabinet, Kish Development Organization became to subsidiaries of executive minister. In 1365, the Revolutionary Council reopened Kish for the journey and the purchase of its markets. 1365 is the year of revitalization of Kish as a free zone. The same time, the influx of tourists to it, the Kish’s continuous expansion with different structures, markets, expansion of the port and airport development, construction of new hotels, industrial and commercial activities for export and import, fresh recreational spaces, squares, roads and green spaces in proportion to the population and tourists (rising to the island) was started. This activity was more per day. And Kish obtained its current position with deliberate planning among other free zones that have been formed afterwards.