Kish Sorinet Maryam Hotel

Before it was one of four stars hotels which by joining to sorinet groups hotel changes its name to sorinet hotel or sorinet maryam hotel and now is renovated as 5 stars hotels and is ready for hosting.

This hotel with baroque architectural style is designed with four stairs. It is located at amirkabir square in extent of 7 thousand meters and it's short distance to beach , recreational waterfront and also shopping centers and morvarid market,pardis1,2 , market centers and hypermarkets is a suitable place for inhabitance.Maryam sorient hotel is the first hotel which is facilitated with BMS. All of the equipments get activated automatically by passenger entrance. Rooms are prepared to service handicapped and the elderlies.

Free hotel services: welcome drink,airport transportation,high speed Internet,cargo,coffee , tea and fruit

  • Address: Amirkabir square, at the first of andisheh street
  • Facilities: Room service,breakfast buffet(cold and warm),lunch,mid meals in evening,safe box,session room,IPTV system,cargo, airport transportation
  • Stars: *****
  • Room numbers: 723
  • Board numbers: 1897