Ghajar until Today

Seven years after the death of Karim Khan Zand and passing the exciter of the crown claims and the period of instability that was started in the early Qajar period. Persian Gulf was in the worst case of political, security and socio – economic conditions and its islands (including Kish ) experienced severe injuries and losses of this instability and

English provoked this chaos further in order to achieve their purpose, first occupied the Qeshm Island and turn it into a navy base, began to encroach on other islands.

Portuguese, English, Pirates, emirate and the Sultan of Muscat invasion that most of them were conducted by stimulating, Persian Gulf sea lane was completely unsafe and this is English’ will with the pretext (in 1286 L 1248 / S 1869 / AD ) compel Bahrain Sheikh ( who was a protege of Iran ) to accept his protectorate and remove the island from the hands of Iran. At the beginning of the Constitutional Revolution, in this political and social situation of the Persian Gulf area, economic and social situation of the island reach to the extent that this island of Persian Gulf with a legendary reputation and wealth and business opportunities in the past, was sold only the amount of 25 thousand dollars by Mirza Ibrahim Khan to Mohammad Reza Khan.