Plant Geography of the Island

Much of Iran’s territory belongs to Rktyk Hole. The Persian Gulf coastal areas like Kish Island located in the Palyvtrvpyk territory. The boundary between the two territories, Hole Rktyk and Palyvtrvpyk, is toward the south. Among the divisions that Iran has been on geographical areas, there are no general consensus in boundaries of regions and outline its growth. In Iran, only Ilam country (Prvns) - the mountains and Khuzestan is located in Arabic desert region. Palyvtrophic territory only its Sudanese region, Nvbv-Sandy region, is in Iran. North area of Nvbv –Sandy region kown as “konar growth area " and various species of acacia kind that are sensitive to cold and scope of their dispersion is limited to Persian Gulf region. Of course, there are many other species in the Persian Gulf region that are able to penetrate other growth areas.
Special plants in Nvbv- Sandy land are drought-friendly and highly heat-loving ( thermophilic ). Furthermore withstand extremely hot summer, high humidity and high temperature, they need to mild winter weather and temperatures. vegetation of Nvbv-Sandy area that can be seen on the island of Kish include semi-desert trees and shrubs elements.