Scuba Diving

Diving in Kish

The coral reefs in eastern Kish Island are among the richest and most beautiful diving sites in the country. Diving is possible all year round on the island of Kish and the shallow sites on the island provide diving opportunity for all people, even the beginners. Also the presence of diving training and recreational centers in Kish Island has turned it into a diving hub in the country.

Big Coral, Jurassic Park

These two sites are located in the east of the island and have a maximum diving depth of 6 to 8 meters. For snorkeling, night dive and especially underwater photography, you can go to the diving clubs on the Islands and use diving boat or drive to Simorgh Hotel beach and go to big coral from there.

Southern Crack

Southern crack is a coral reef situated in 3 miles south of the Island. It is a 22-meter dive site.

Dama Wreck

The Senegalese freighter lies at a depth of 33 meters in the southeastern waters of Kish. Diving around the sunken ship which lies at a distance of 4 miles from the island requires no special diving skill but to enter the wreck, it is necessary to get special training.

Hoor Cottage

This site is situated in the most western point of Kish Island in a place named Kolbeh Hoor (Hoor Cottage). It is possible to enter the 8 meter site through small southern beach or through a rocky headland in the west.

Greek Ship

The ship is located in the West Island in an area with a diving depth of 4 to 5 meters. Entering the diving site is possible by taking steps embedded in a seaside park in front of the ship as well as through the crater in the northern dimension of the ship.

Sambaro Site

This site is one of the most beautiful coral reefs situated between Kish and Hendurabi Islands. Access to the site is possible by riding a boat from the harbor of Kish and also from Hendurabi Island. Sambaro is 10 kilometers away from Kish Island and 7 kilometers from Hendurabi.

Hendurabi Island

Hendurabi Island is located 23 kilometers west of Kish Island and lies between Kish and Lavan Islands. The waters around the island are covered with a variety of corals. Access to the island is currently possible only through charter boats from Kish Island. The surrounding waters are 6-8 meters deep, and are ideal for snorkeling and night dive. However the sites on south of the island are deeper.