Shaygan Hotel

Built in 2002, the 7-storey hotel has a total built up area of 11,000 square meters. The hotel offers 139 elegant guest rooms and suites overlooking the azure waters of the Persian Gulf on one side and the island on the other.

The hotel's architecture is such that the area of the rooms and corridors with 4 emergency staircases, and 3 elevators is larger than the standard size.

All the rooms are fully equipped, offering air-conditioning, electronic locks, toilet, free Wi-Fi, satellite TV channels and 5 local TV channels.

Both single and double rooms are available.

Other hotel facilities include:

  • Shani Restaurant: This restaurant is situated on the ground floor of the hotel with 250 people capacity, overlooking the Persian Gulf. A variety of Iranian and international dishes is prepared and served by experienced cooks and hosts along with live music.

  • A Sports Club is on the ground floor of the hotel including an indoor pool, Jacuzzi hot tub, steam room, sauna, fitness, buffet, massage, Lifeguards and coaches, cold water pool, and children's pool.

  • The Billiards hall is located in the basement of the hotel with 12 luxury pool tables.

  • An outdoor tennis court is located in the north greenspace of the hotel. Due to the islands' weather condition players can use the court during the night hours, too.

  • The Conference and meeting hall, with a separate reception hall is located on the fourth floor of the hotel. It is appropriate for the scientific and educational meetings.

Free airport shuttle from the airport is also available.

  • Address: Roudaki blvd. Opposite Tamasha Hotel
  • Phone number: +987644467444
  • Stars: ****
  • Number of Rooms 139
  • Number of Beds 2237
  • Fax number: +987644467451