Soil Conditions of the Island and Its Distribution

 The Soil of central part - the highlands of central part of the island is 35 to 40 meters above sea level.
Construction of the airport in this part of the island that Was associated with land clearing for runway and other facilities and structures related to the airport and also picked up sand and development activities, such as paving the ground or leveling hills and fill dents and holes, all these led to old Shallow soft soil that has colloidal state and its layer is less than 20 cm is completely destroyed. The soils that now exist in parts of the island is not useful, Lacks the necessary quality and colloidal state and any humus (litter) and is different from the old soil. Of course, the soil around the runway of airport is still untouched due to protect the privacy of the airport.
The Soil of western part of the island – this soil comprises almost half of the island. In which washing and erosion are low due to the small slope of the land. This island is very good soil and its thickness is about 70 centimeters or more, and it includes the half of Soils eroded of central part of the island that are spread on the area as a result of rainfall and washing the soil.
The Soil of eastern, north-eastern and south-east patrs of the island - Soils here are smoother than the previous. The soil of north-east coastal strip are smoother compared with south-east and its soil an intermediate central part and the western part.
The Soil of northern part of the island – it is relatively soft and has a thick layer and sometimes has many pits and holes.
The soil type of the island – in total, it is a mixture of clay, silt, sand, gravel and more or less formed from the remnants of decaying animal tissue (natural fertilizers) and plant debris (humus). The soil of central part is mostly coral and its surface from the center to the beach is often a mixture of clay and rotten soil. The surface of east coast and south- eastern strip is covered by coral sand that are Almost one hand and white and brilliant. The stone wall of northeast and east coast strip that are exposed to waves shocks, are made of sand and porous rubble.