The Soil of the Island

Evolution and the soil value - soil layer thickness of barren island areas sometimes do not exceed a few centimeters. Maybe a few layers had seemingly little value but, if we consider the distance and the time of evolution of soil for each centimeter of thickness in the island that are between 800 - 1200 years, we will understand its real worth. In the long term of the evolution of soil, many lenticular living organisms (microorganisms), with their activities cause Soil colloidal state to stabilize it and prevent the dispersion by wind or washed by rain water. Thus the dead soil are gradually comes to life and turn into vital bed for the growth of plants and the habitat of living beings. Due to the efforts of long-term (several thousand years) of nature in soil development, every thoughtful and responsible man is required to observance the relevant issues to the extent that it is required to maintain it.
In recognition of the true value of every square centimeter of the soil in the island it is necessary in any construction activity, especially in the use of heavy equipment (bulldozers and mechanical shovels and other tools, etc.), Soil protection is entirely under the care and control in order to the soil not damaged before construction of any structure is needed. Excavation unnecessary, unduly searches that take place all over the island and other damage like that which can be a disaster for sustainable development and environmental issues - like anywhere else in the world - must be stopped. In the current world, even in the desert, the protection of soil is observed. For example, one can be avoid Passing heavy vehicle on wasteland that Causing soil compaction topsoil and it’s sterilize the plant growth. In some countries that is legal for hunting in the environment, Should not be wider level of automobile wheels and automobile weight should be more than sufficient.