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A comprehensive list ofRecreations the island can see the bottom of the page.

List Recreations

  • Maryam Bowling

    Maryam Bowling

    Maryam sport collection with the most modern facilities is ready to receipt tourists, teens, youth and their families. In addition to bowling you can have pool table, fitness accessories, sauna, world of game, restaurant, Internet gaming, and coffee shop.

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  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    Diving on the water of the island. Kish natural environment, one of the most pristine reigns in Persian Gulf, eastern coral reefs is one of the most richest and beauties diving sites in the country. Coral covers is located in eastern beaches which visits by tourists each year. Diving is possible in all times of year and it's suitable for every one, even armatures. Diving training and recreational centers change the island to country compass diving.

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  • Big Coral

    Big Coral

    One of the beauties sites in the island. This coral reefs has been located at the east of the island with reach and beauty ecosystem which surprise divers each year. Depth of these sites while full tide is more than 6 to 8 meter and full ebb less than 5 meter with abundant and variety of fishes . Southern cover of reefs at the south of site is thick and thin in northern parts. To access these sites you can use diving centers, diving boats or use automobile to go to big coral site from simorq hotel, a suitable site for night diving and snorkeling.

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  • Hur Cottage

    Hur Cottage

    A site that located at the west of the island. Arrivals are possible by south beach and west reefs. .From north to south the depth is increasing

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  • Greek Ship

    Greek Ship

    suitable specially for snorkeling and features such as amazing red sands around of it.

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  • Horse Riding Club

    Horse Riding Club

    Kish horse riding club with cress track riding is located at the side of kish Olympics complex

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  • 4D Cinema

    4D Cinema

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  • Parasailing


    An enjoyable entertainment specially for youth. People hang out by a parachute and a boat pulls them until their altitude increased. Kish view watching in high altitude will be the peak of .excitement

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  • Jet Ski

    Jet Ski

    Fun moments by refer to diving clubs rent a jet ski: Jet ski conditions: 1.Each family just one jet ski Fun moments by refer to diving clubs rent a jet ski: Jet ski conditions: 1.Each family just one jet ski 2.Over-wight people must rent a jet ski lonely 3.Read and fill out jet ski rent form 4.Complete training must be done 5. jet ski riding must be in area of club limit with prescribed speed. 6.Avoiding hazardous motion. 7.considering 100 meters distance from each float objects and waterfront. 8.Reduce speed nearby shore. 9.At the reversal time drop steering 10.In accident situation just drop the pedal gas and turn around another side and do not use hand brake. 11.Do not pass in front of other jet skies and just pass at the back of them

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