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A comprehensive list ofplaces the island can see the bottom of the page.

List places

  • Derakhte sabz

    Derakhte sabz

    At the northern part of kish which is famous with Portuguese valley the derakhte sabz complex has been constructed at the side of the oldest tree of the island. it is around 500 to 600 years. amazing landscapes with places to roast kebab restaurants. It's direction is decorated with lights and colorful papers

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  • Artists' side walk

    Artists' side walk

    artist figures sculptures in different majors are in expose of people. this plan design is to introduce outstanding artists and suggest this figures as suitable templates to teen and youth. In addition collecting these figure depicts Iran art social

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  • Kish large Entertainment Waterfront

    Kish large Entertainment Waterfront

    kish large recreation waterfront which is designed by Iranian experts with piles of metal method and wooden deck. This waterfront with 437 meters length and 18 meters width with 10 thousands square meters has no destructive effect on environment. tourists can cruise on waterfront and be pleased of beauty landscapes. This waterfront is constructed at 1385. with Restaurants and printing office on it,is ready to present services to tourists. It is located at the end of darya blvd

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  • Cistern(ab anbar in persian)

    Cistern(ab anbar in persian)

    Ab anbar, A method for store water at old days in kish. An area nearby derakhte sabz, A twin water reservoir is constructed with five windward by Iranian(yazd) architectural style in area of harireh which is one of tourist places in kish. An attractive entertainment with Special decoration. This monument is a technical architecture of southern cities of Iran

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  •  Harireh Ancient City

    Harireh Ancient City

    After the earthquake of the historical port of Siraf in 365 AH, Kish Island received more attention, and it began to get more civilized. The historical remains and evidence available as historical hills on the northern coast of the Island show the existence of a large city, which today is known as the historic city of Harireh. Many historical documents and references point to the dramatic boom of Kish Island.

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  • Kariz Underground City

    Kariz Underground City

    Dating back to over 2500 years ago, Kish aqueduct (Kariz) is one of the Island's tourist and historical areas. The aqueduct, with an area of 10,000 square meters, is located at a depth of 16 meters underground, and its ceiling is covered with shells and corals, which according to the local guides, are estimated to be 270 to 570 million years old.

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  • Dolphin Park

    Dolphin Park

    With its vast dolphinariums and sea mammals, including dolphins, sea lions, and sea boars, Kish dolphin park complex is one of the most beautiful recreational parks in the Middle East,

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  • Greek Ship

    Greek Ship

    One of the attractions of Kish is the wreck of a gigantic cargo ship known as the Greek Ship, which has made an excellent photographic subject.

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