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  • Climate and Plant Geography

    Climate and Plant Geography

    Like other Persian Gulf islands, Kish - especially the islands of the Strait of Hormuz – is located in the narrow strip of land of specific growth tropical in northern hemisphere , with low Latitude, between the Iranian plateau (in the north ) and the deserts of Saudi Arabia (in the south). Apart from the specific geographical and local climate features, this island like other nearby islands such as Farur , Hendorabi , Shtvar , Lavan and even Qeshm being in the subtropical climate of this strip.

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  • Portrait of Vegetation

    Portrait of Vegetation

    Kish is Located on the southern coast of the island, a narrow strip of land growing dry and tropical world. A specific condition of climate geography of the island where being in the warm and shallow waters of sea in the Strait of Hormuz, is the cause of the low vegetation of the island. The island's climate is dry, semi-desert and desert due to The low rainfall and evaporation that is several times annual rainfall and high temperatures in most of the days and months of the year. Lack of effect of topography, soil thin layer that pulled over the bed of hard coral, drought and heat, are the dmain derakht.jpg characteristic of lines of the low vegetation of the island

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  • Plant Geography of the Island

    Plant Geography of the Island

    Much of Iran’s territory belongs to Rktyk Hole. The Persian Gulf coastal areas like Kish Island located in the Palyvtrvpyk territory. The boundary between the two territories, Hole Rktyk and Palyvtrvpyk, is toward the south. Among the divisions that Iran has been on geographical areas, there are no general consensus in boundaries of regions and outline its growth. In Iran, only Ilam country (Prvns) - the mountains and Khuzestan is located in Arabic desert region

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  • Agriculture and Livestock in Kish

    Agriculture and Livestock in Kish

    The current Livestock and agriculture in Kish is similar to the way of traditional agriculture and even with more limited activity. Remains of scatter crete and farms in Kish show the plantation and garden (though limited) in proportion to its small population that period. The existence of Canal and stream traces of long that have gone (For rain water flow) and the old filled wells due to deposit soil, all emphasize this idea

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