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Kish Formation

A comprehensive list ofKish Formation the island can see the bottom of the page.

List Kish Formation

  • The Genesis of the Island and its Geological Structure

    The Genesis of the Island and its Geological Structure

    About 200 million years ago, following the movements of continental plates and their pressure together that was accompanied the folding and orogeny phenomenon, the Arabian Peninsula with the African continental plate moved towards the north, and as a result, (about 65 million years ago) was separated from Africa and were connected to Asia.

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  • Geography and Topography

    Geography and Topography

    Kish Island with an area of 91 square kilometers, about 43 kilometers beach and the overall shape of the oval, at a distance of 18 km Levantine port ( Aftab port )- Iran joined land - is located in the Persian Gulf .

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  • Geographical and Climate Features

    Geographical and Climate Features

    Kish Island is a small land like the ship sitting in the shallow and warm waters of the Persian Gulf , Retail climates (micro Klima ) of island is heavily dominated by phenomenon caused by big water bed that the changes range of its day and night temperature is small in the year. Island water vapor pressure is too high for most of the year (relative humidity of 50-60 percent). The daily average temperature difference throughout the year is less than 9-10 degrees and the temperature never fell in the ice or is not zero.

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