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Kish History

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List Kish History

  • Kish's Down in Ages

    Kish's Down in Ages

    We briefly mentioned the genesis of the island and the natural history of the island. But we have not achieved written works draw from the past, social history (probably not). What is certain Kish has written works of the past to history and this works may be gone due to aggression and invasion of aliens and the people of other lands. Kish was destroyed in turbulent of storms of life events. And with frequent handoffs between invaders and alien rule from time to time suffered hard and heavy losse

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  • Kish at the Beginning of the Islamic Period and Thereafter

    Kish at the Beginning of the Islamic Period and Thereafter

    Kish has not been submitted to the Arabs by the year 23 AH. But the islands of the Persian Gulf (including Kish), were on way to attack Arabs in Fars and Kerman, Naturally, before the Arab reaching and invasion of the Gulf state they were attacked and unfortunately they appointed the wicked rulers. First ruler of the Arabs was a member of Abdullah Qais' tribe, Say the island's name is taken from the name of the first Muslim ruler,Qais, which later became a Kish. Of course, before Islamic period and throughout history, Kish Island had other names in the context of foreign historians.

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  • Kish during Various Governments

    Kish during Various Governments

    Kish almost regained last boom, during the rule of the dynasties that period of coming Western businessmen, ambassadors and envoys of the European Court to Iran. But this time, the genesis era of the phenomenon of colonialism and expand the influence of colonial countries on the other countries.

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  •  Ghajar until Today

    Ghajar until Today

    Seven years after the death of Karim Khan Zand and passing the exciter of the crown claims and the period of instability that was started in the early Qajar period. Persian Gulf was in the worst case of political, security and socio – economic conditions and its islands (including Kish ) experienced severe injuries and losses of this instability and English provoked this chaos further in order to achieve their purpose, first occupied the Qeshm Island and turn it into a navy base, began to encroach on other island

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  •  Kish during the previous regime (Pahlavi)

    Kish during the previous regime (Pahlavi)

    The tragic situation of Kish during the reign of Reza Shah was more or less the same as the Qajar period and for a long time, English exercise their sovereignty on the Persian Gulf waters and Iranian' thousands of years' islands on the pretext of security and by old imposed contract and in particular to protect the oil-rich lands of Iran.

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