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Soil formation

A comprehensive list ofSoil formation the island can see the bottom of the page.

List Soil formation

  • Soil Formation and Agrology

    Soil Formation and Agrology

    Kish Island over millions of years after the creation constantly exposed to changing environmental conditions and sea water was going up and down. Glacial and interglacial periods is often long and sometimes were subject to change.

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  • The Soil of the Island

    The Soil of the Island

    Evolution and the soil value - soil layer thickness of barren island areas sometimes do not exceed a few centimeters. Maybe a few layers had seemingly little value but, if we consider the distance and the time of evolution of soil for each centimeter of thickness in the island that are between 800 - 1200 years, we will understand its real worth.

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  • Soil Conditions of the Island and Its Distribution

    Soil Conditions of the Island and Its Distribution

    The Soil of central part - the highlands of central part of the island is 35 to 40 meters above sea level. Construction of the airport in this part of the island that Was associated with land clearing for runway and other facilities and structures related to the airport and also picked up sand and development activities, such as paving the ground or leveling hills and fill dents and holes, all these led to old Shallow soft soil that has colloidal state and its layer is less than 20 cm is completely destroyed

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